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Medicinal Fear: Internal Dialogue 

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I walk into a dispensary.
I am afraid because my sensory-
Just threw me into a nervous vortex.
I can feel it in my solar plexus. 
It is worse than when I hear a sexist
But, it's Torrey Holistics, it's the bestest. 
Legal as can be, fear still comes over me. 
What if they label me as an addict? 
What if the Feds see me take a fat hit?

...questioning status quo...

Yet, they are taking our diagnosis
And creating a monetary oasis.
The market for daily pharmaceuticals
Keeps us drugged but are these pills suitable
for long-term human consumption?
Dependency and potential for abuse is a function
of the chemical components.
The FDA pretends that they know this.
Schedule 1 (cannabis), too much fun.
Schedule 2 (cocaine), I guess it's ok for you.
Is cocaine really more medicinal than cannabis?
I have had it with this!

...meanwhile at the dispensary...

I take a deep breath, 
It's not like I am buying meth. 
I'll take a quarter of Green Crack. 
Clinical studies have my back.
Help me. 
Federal discrimination towards this medicine can't be
A reality
In 2017.


5 min science lesson on the Endocannabinoid System by LDG


Are you hesitant to try cannabis, or opposed to its use? Before I became a Cannabis Consultant, I was too. Why? Well, because it was illegal. The laws have changed and continue to change, but it was my own research that changed my perspective. Learning about the body, and about the endocannabinoid system, opened me up to the benefits of cannabis. 

Who knew?! Our body has its own biological system capable of interacting with the active chemical compounds in cannabis. These chemical compounds, call cannabinoids, bind to cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system. There are two different types of cannabinoid receptors, one that works inside the brain and another that works in conjunction with your immune system. These two receptor types bind with cannabinoids to provide completely different effects from improved mood to reduced pain and inflammation. 

unknown.jpg 2.jpg

Cannabis is comprised of many different cannabinoids, the most notable being THC and CBD. Although these two compounds are the "superstars" of this class of compounds, there are different derivations of the cannabinoids that still need further study in order to gain a complete understanding of their effects. The delicate interplay between these cannabinoids is still being studied as well. The different cannabinoids have been shown to work in synergy together - amplifying and refining each other's effects. 

After learning about this interplay between our body and this class of compounds, I personally felt more comfortable with consuming cannabis as medicine.

Planet Earth


Can we come together to be better?
Can we smoke together through the weather? 
Crazy natural disasters
Have people looking for pastors...
Earth is a self-contained cell,
Which, right now is going through hell!
Democrat or Republican, 
JUST STOP! We are all human! 
We are talking about our planet,
Y'all act like it's disposable. I have had it! 
So grab a light and let's unite!
Just smoke a little
Until you can hear nature's fiddle.
What are you going to do?
Recycle? ok, in what factory mill?
It takes lots of energy still!
Reuse? Sounds great! Let's get creative,
But don't ask me. Its easier to make it a landfill native. 
What if we use
But don't abuse...
If we wisely use plastics
Sounds difficult but let your mind be elastic...
If we didn't use that straw?
If we didn't grab a lid? 
Just think next time you make your Keurig coffee, 
A French press does it with no waste and less of a monetary fee. 


Wandering thoughts


What breeds creativity?
Let's think about this, definitely. 
"Misguided" neural pathways allow us to create. 
Oh no, this may lead to a debate.
Structure is the enemy of creation
Give me an evolutionary mutation. 
I want that mistake that causes transformation
That idea that changes everyone's fixation. 
Because, Realize that mistakes are beneficial. 
I know it's hard bc of their superficial
They look like failures but reek of potential
Learning curves and mishaps are essential
For creativity...
Expanding your consciousness...
Cannabis being illegal is part of societies nonsenses. 
"Misguiding" your thoughts, 
You are uncovering and creating yourself with pot.


Smoke a blunt and think-up with LDG

Let me introduce you to one of our knowledgeable and passionate Cannabis Consultants, Lauren. Every Monday we will be posting her cannabis musings. Ask her questions, interact with her as she loves to connect with the people she loves helping the most, our patients!


What is the shape of the earth? Depends who you ask and when in time.

What is the best digestive aid according to doctors? Ranges from cigarettes to tequila to probiotics depending on the doctor and year.

Is cannabis is a terrible illegal drug? Again, depends on who you ask and when.

Bottom line? Knowledge changes as we learn more and no one really knows what they are doing. Call to action: always THINK!!

My purpose for writing is to trigger thoughts in others in order to expedite the evolution of knowledge, the more people I can make think, the better solutions we can come up with to better the world. I want to catalyze the formation of knowledge by inspiring thinking, so I write. I want to gently guide people outside of their boxes of normal thought. I want to make you have an "aha" moment or an "wooooow!" moment when your perspective is opened by a one liner I wrote. 

Why the "code name"? Life is damn good, or, LDG. That's my writing "code name" because if there is one thing I want you to remember when addressing me/thinking about me/ reading about me, is that very fact : life is damn good. 


I love to receive inspiration from others, so please reach out with topics! Let's get together to understand the world more while spreading those good vibes! 

It's medicine, not medi-SIN


Torrey Holistics
Got us feeling like optimistics...
Optimism isn't intrinsic,
Mystically indeed
Is how this weed
Helps me relieve
This pain...
Which won't refrain;
This monotony
Has gotten-to-me
I need an expert in botany, 
Because this herb
Can curb cancer!!
Because this flower
Can power
Our mental evolution. 
I doubt you have a better solution...
Because when Chaos ensues,
It proves
To make me "abuse"
That plant with the green hues.
It's called medicine
Not a contemporary sin
Not a recreational gin
I use it before the gym
I will even say it in a hymn.... 
Here we go....
I need
As an OTC (over-the-counter)
To succeed
Medicine that I enjoy, 
A subculture of acceptance and joy.


CANNACULTURE EP 2: Weed For Warriors Project

CANNACULTURE EP 2: Weed For Warriors Project

On our second episode of ‘CANNACULTURE‘ on the YEW! Podcast Network,  we are joined by Weed For Warriors Project co-founder, Sean Kieran — pictured on CNN’s WEED 3: The Marijuana Revolution with CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta — who discusses how medicinal cannabis helps reduce the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain that plagues himself, and many fellow Veterans today.

CANNACULTURE: Christopher Coggan / Therapy Tonics & Provisions

CANNACULTURE: Christopher Coggan / Therapy Tonics & Provisions

For our first episode of ‘CANNACULTURE‘ on the YEW! Podcast Network,  we are joined by Christopher Coggan of Therapy Tonics & Provisions.

After going down high school memory lane, Coggan talks about his Cannabis Iced coffee & tea as well as a petition to support practical regulation for the CA cannabis industry.  To sign, go HERE.

Marijuana is Medicine 101

Are you curious about how medicinal marijuana can help you? Are you looking for solutions to help with current symptoms and ailments? Do you have questions about how Cannabis can help? Would you like to learn more? 

Torrey Holistics is the leading dispensary in San Diego educating and advocating safe and legal marijuana as medicine. Our staff is compassionate and very knowledgeable. Our store is welcoming, safe and intimate for personalized care. Each patient receives one on one consultations with each visit.

Bring in your recommendation card from a licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor along with a valid California driver's license and we can help you understand what medicine will best fit your needs. 

See you at Torrey, we look forward to caring for you!